How To DJ with Spotify

Written by: Zach Wright

DJ software continues to make significant technological advances, including the ability to DJ with streaming services. However, as of 2022, Spotify has blocked streaming access to third-party software, which means you can’t use it with your DJ software anymore. So if you were planning on using Spotify for your next gig, you might have a little bit of trouble doing so unless you know just how to DJ with Spotify.

What’s Different About Using Spotify to DJ?

Most likely, Spotify had to end support for third-party software due to licensing issues. Spotify is for personal listening and playing music publicly at an event that falls under different (and more expensive) licensing laws. However, Spotify has created its own way to use the service for gigs, called Spotify DJ. 

Spotify DJ is a function of Spotify that lets you create seamless playlists. You can choose any of the music you like or listen to their pre-selected playlists. You can crossfade and add EQ to the playlists, but you can’t stream it through your own DJ software. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can still use Spotify to DJ your gigs. Of course, it won’t give you as much control, but it will work if you need it to. So let’s take a look. 

What You Need to DJ with Spotify 

DJing with Spotify is very simple and straightforward, making it a nice choice for beginner Dj’s who might get nervous about real-time gigs. It’s probably best suited for house parties, summer barbecues, and easy events where you need to provide great music without a lot of direct, hands-on effort. As far as equipment, you need very little: 

  • Premium Spotify account. You’ll need to use the premium service to have access to the playlist creator and avoid advertisements in the middle of your set. 
  • Computer or another device capable of using the service. Make sure you have the app downloaded and ready to use on your device.
  • Speakers or sound system
  • Line out from your device to your speakers. You may need specific adaptors or you may be able to use Bluetooth. 
  • You may also want to have a microphone and mixer, especially if you plan on speaking to your audience. 
  • Any additional hardware controllers that you enjoy using
  • Any other music libraries you want to incorporate

How to DJ with Spotify Step by Step 

Spotify has its own DJ mixes. These are music sets already created by some of your best-known DJs. So if this is the way you want to go, all you need to do is find the mix you want and hit play. It’s that simple. But if you want to be a little more hands-on with your playlist, you can do that, as well. You’ll want to use Spotify DJ mode. 

Using Spotify DJ Mode

  1. First, you’ll need to create your playlists. 
  2. Log in to Spotify on your device. 
  3. Go to your library and tap on playlists 
  4. Select create a new playlist.
  5. Type in the name of your playlist and hit create. 
  6. Click on add songs. Spotify can make suggestions based on the title of your playlist (IE, dance music, party music, or you can search by title)
  7. Once you find a song you want to add to your playlist, select it. Then click on the three dots and choose to add to the playlist. 
  8. Once you have added the songs to your playlist, you can rearrange the order, delete, or add more. Click here for some extra playlist tips. 
  9. Tap on the cog icon (settings) in the upper right-hand corner of your playlist. 
  10. Select crossfade and adjust the way you want crossfade to work during your playlist. 
  11. Go back to the playlist, select settings, and choose equalizer to adjust the EQ parameters on the treble, lows, and mids. You can also use presets if you prefer. 
  12. Play your playlist. 

Keep in mind that Spotify DJ does not have the capability to beat match or scratch. All it can do is play your playlist, crossfade the tunes, and apply EQ. However, if you play your playlist through your mixer with hardware controls, you can do some additional adjusting on your own. For example, you can apply overall effects and fade in and out to talk over the music with your microphone. 

In addition, you may be able to apply effects to the playlist as it is playing in real-time, pause your playlist and drop your own beats if you have a MIDI controller, and of course, add in additional sound effects. 

So while you are more limited to what Spotify is capable of doing with its built-in DJ software, you can use it with some amount of determination and creativity. 

Final Thoughts on Using Spotify to DJ

Using Spotify DJ is really better suited to situations where you need to be a little bit more hands-off. You can set up your entire playlist in advance, set your EQ and crossfades, and hit play. Spotify DJ works great if you are DJing your own party and want to be able to hang out with your guests, serve the food, or just enjoy mingling. 

If you are an experienced DJ and want to use Spotify DJ because it has specific songs you want, you may want to load those songs on its own playlist and use your own music library to fill in the gaps. This will give you access to additional songs, but you’ll still be able to add effects and beat match with the rest of your playlist even though you can’t do it with the Spotify songs. 

If you’re going to be using Spotify to DJ, you need to: 

  • Have a premium account and a device that can work with the app 
  • Download the app 
  • Create your playlist 
  • Preset your EQ and crossfade parameters 
  • Play your playlist through your sound system or speakers 

It’s really that simple to use Spotify DJ. And while it isn’t as fully functioning as professional DJ software, it can get you through a party or gig in a pinch or be used as an add-on to your regular music library. 

Written By:
Zach has a vast experience in digital audio and sound design. Being a studio owner for 13 years, he actively helps musicians and producers with technical issues around musical instruments and studio and audio equipment.

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