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The Top 10 Free Music Instrument Apps For 2021

Thanks to technology, together with the different social networks, music is available at the tip of our fingertips. You can create music with just a swipe of your phone, or with a push of a button, together with a wide range of options.

So, for today’s piece, we will talk all about the top ten free music instruments apps you can get your hands on without spending anything while experiencing its advanced features. It lets you have your own digital audio workstation that allows you to record, edit and produce your own audio files, plus it gives you unlimited tracks that you can choose from. Stay tuned, and keep on reading!

Free Music Apps 2022


There might be no other app that can compete with BandLab. It is currently the world’s most popular music studio application. Plus, the best part of it all is that the app is free. The app has a user-friendly track studio and editor, making a recording, editing, producing, and tuning as easy as it can get.

Another key feature of the app is that it allows you to get in touch with other artists in the music industry including, DJs, and other musical practitioners.

Simply Piano

Simply Piano is a virtual instrument for enthusiasts everywhere. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned player. It can offer you a wide range of options where you can learn the instrument on either your phone or you can connect it to an actual keyboard to make your experience way better.

The app offers numerous features and has something for everyone.


Do you want to have your very own guitar instructor whom you can access with your phone? Look no further, for Uberchord is the answer you’re looking for. The application will listen to how you play, keep track of your progress, and adjust to what you need to focus on. The app includes several handcrafted courses you can learn from as well. You will find out more than just guitar techniques with each session.

Congas & Bongos

Do you sometimes feel the urge to play around with percussion instruments but have no access to one? Well, Congas & Bongos is the app for you. The titular app lets you simulate the musical instruments through your phone, where you can monitor your progress in your drum machines. It also has a tutorial guide, as well as a recording feature that enables you to record sounds.


Kalimba is an app that allows you to play around with one of the most intriguing and unique musical instruments ever to exist. The app updates songs each week, and it does not stop there. It also supports other kinds of instruments to make your learning and playing experience one-of-a-kind. And like most of the other picks in this list, Kalimba has a recording feature for your audio tracks!

Ibone The Pocket Trombone

Can you imagine yourself playing the trombone on your smartphone? Sounds crazy, we know. But Ibone The Pocket Trombone does just that. The app lets you play the musical instrument hassle-free and as easy as pie. The app’s interface is user-friendly and even highlights a songbook you can peruse.

=Santoor HD

Are you looking for another unique instrument to have some fun with at all? Santoor HD is an application that gives you the chance to play an instrument of the same name. One of the app’s features is that you play along with songs from your numerous libraries and playlists. It provides an extensive library where you get to choose your own instrument that produces particular sound effects with just one click. It also boasts an auto mode that works wonders if you wish to merely listen. Or have a demo if you desire to do so.


Everyone can agree that there is something special when you hear the magic that a ukulele creates. And now, virtual instruments can mimic that magic using your smartphone. The Ukulele app lets you pluck and strum using your fingers with a simple touch. You can make songs, too! In addition, there is a user-generated song list if you don’t have time to program your own piece. It also layouts different audio editing tools where you can have your recorded audio be modified.

Real Drum

Real Drum is another percussion-based musical application. The app transforms your phone’s screen into a drum set including the different drum kits and drum tracks feature. You can press on any part of the set, only this time your fingers act as the drumsticks. How cool is that? The app also has more than forty drum video tutorials, perfect for any practicing individual.

Get started with Real Drum, download it Here and Here


Synth is a musical app that is all about synth waves and that 80’s music mood that provides a sound library. It has several presets that you can work around in any way you want. It provides audio effects that bring melody to the ear of the listener. Here is a fun fact: the band Gorillaz used this app for one of their albums.

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