Best Stickers and Labels for Piano Keys: Don’t Get Stuck with the Wrong Ones

Written by: Leslie Carmichael

When you start learning to play the piano, it can be a daunting task to remember which keys are which. Enter the humble piano key sticker! This simple tool can help you remember which keys are which and where they belong on the music staff. And that means you’ll learn faster and have more fun! 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best labels and stickers for piano keys. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of each one and summarize their features. We’ll also take a look at the criteria we used to decide which ones are the best so you’ll know which stickers or labels best fit your needs. Let’s get started. 

Quick glance at the best stickers and labels for piano keys:

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Best Labels and Stickers for Piano Keys Reviewed

Crosby Monster Piano Stickers – Best for Younger Learners

Crosby Monster Piano Stickers for Learning Piano or Keyboard - Transparent 88, 76, 61 & 49 Removable Key Set for Kids & Beginners



  • Includes enough labels for an 88-key piano
  • Extra labels are included 
  • Large, easy-to-read, full-color stickers which show the note name and music staff 
  • Cute monster-style letters
  • Removable and won’t leave behind a sticky residue
  • Easy to clean vinyl 
  • Durable 
  • Includes an easy-to-follow placement guide 


Crosby Monster Piano Stickers make learning fun for the young pianist. These cute illustrated letters will brighten up your keyboard or piano to help entice beginners to play more. There are enough stickers to cover a full, 88-key keyboard or piano. In addition, they are durable and easy-to-clean vinyl.

The stickers come with an easy placement guide. 


  • Cute, easy to read, colorful stickers 
  • Includes placement guide 
  • Easy to clean and easy to remove


  • No separate stickers for the black keys 

Color Piano Keyboard Stickers – Most Subtle Piano Key Stickers 

Color Piano Keyboard Stickers- Removable, Transparent, for White & Black Keys



  • Small, colorful stickers
  • Color-coded for each note 
  • Stickers are small enough to fit high on the keys, so you don’t have to touch them when playing 
  • 88 Stickers for both white and black keys 
  • Durable


These color piano keyboard stickers are small and subtle. They’ll fit towards the top of the key, where you won’t have to feel them under your fingers. They are color-coded to help you know which keys are which, and there are plenty of stickers for the entire 88-note keyboard or piano. 


  • Small and subtle in appearance 
  • Won’t interfere with playing 


  • May be harder to read due to the small size 


Color Piano Keyboard Stickers – Best Integrated Keyboard Sticker System

Color Piano and Keyboard Stickers and Complete Color Note Piano Music Lesson and Guide Book 1 and Book 2 for Kids and Beginners; Designed and Printed in USA



  • Colorful piano keyboard stickers integrate closely with included lesson books 
  • Books include technique guides and popular children’s melodies 
  • Easy to match the color of the key stickers to the notes in the book 
  • Stickers are printed between 2 layers of clear vinyl 
  • Easy to read
  • Won’t damage the keyboard 
  • includes a placement guide 


These keyboard stickers are part of an integrated piano learning system. The stickers come with two piano lesson books that teach basic piano techniques and theory. The colors of the stickers that go on the keys match closely with the notes in the book, helping beginners to make faster associations between the keys and the sheet music. 


  • Integrated learning system 
  • Easy to read, colorful notes 
  • An inexpensive way to start learning piano 


  • Not a substitute for actual piano lessons 
  • The books may be complicated for the youngest learners 

BASTON Piano Keyboard Stickers for Beginners – Best Repositionable Piano Keyboard Stickers

BASTON Piano Keyboard Stickers for Beginners 88/76/61/54/49/37 Keys - Removable, Transparent Piano Stickers - Perfect for Kids and Animal Lovers, Big Letters, Easy to Install - with Cleaning Cloth


  • Features 

  • Features a colorful animal design that makes learning fun 
  • High-quality stickers with a double coating to make them durable
  • Have a soft, silicone texture that is easy on your fingers 
  • Stickers are removable with no residual glue 
  • Rounded edges prevent stickers from lifting at the corners 
  • 88 stickers for all piano sizes 
  • Includes cleaning cloth and stick


The Baston piano keyboard stickers feature a cute animal design to make learning fun and exciting. These stickers are made of durable vinyl with two layers and rounded edges. Not only will they last, but they’ll also be gentle on your fingers. The rounded edges mean you won’t have corners pealing up while you are practicing. 

These stickers are easy to remove and, best of all, repositionable in case you happen to make a mistake applying them to your keyboard or piano. 


  • Easily removable or repositionable 
  • Easy on the fingers 
  • Cute 


  • Stickers have occasional staff misprints 

BASTON Piano Keyboard Stickers for Beginners Most Durable Piano Keyboard Sticker

BASTON Piano Keyboard Stickers for Beginners 61/54/49/37 Keys - Big Multi-Colored Letters, Removable & Transparent, Double Layer Coating Piano Label Stickers with Cleaning Cloth, Perfect for Kids



  • Made with a double layer coating to make the stickers last 
  • It has a soft, silicone texture that is gentle on the fingers 
  • No residual glue, making the labels easily removable 
  • Rounded edges and clear adhesive make it easy to read without peeling corners 
  • Pack of 36 stickers 
  • Includes stickers for both black and white keys 


Baston Piano Keyboard stickers are brightly colored easy-to-read stickers. The double-layer, rounded stickers are incredibly durable and won’t lift off. In addition, they’re easy to remove and won’t leave any residual glue on your keyboard notes. 

Stickers are easy to place with the installation guide. 


  • Easy to install 
  • Double coated, durable, soft stickers 
  • Includes labels for both black and white keys


  • Only 36 stickers included 

Piano Key Sticker Rake – Best Non-Adhesive Piano Key Labels

Piano Key Stickers for Beginners Kids 61/88 Full-Size Keys Piano Keyboard Rake Notes Marker Overlay with Case (88 keys)



  • No glue, easy installation 
  • Labels lay over top of piano keys without needing to be applied 
  • Removable 
  • Won’t ruin the key finish
  • Large letters are easy to read 


The keyboard rake is a one-piece overlay that fits overtop of your piano keys. They are made of eco-friendly cardboard and are easy to install. Choose the size rake for the size piano or keyboard that you have, either 48 inches for an 88-key keyboard or 33 inches for a 61-key keyboard. 


  • Easy to install
  • The rake does not glue to the keys 
  • Removable and portable 


  • ONLY fits standard size keys
  • May not lay flat on every piano or keyboard
  • Be careful not to tear it when you remove it

Piano and Keyboard Note Chart – Easiest Piano Note Labels to Install

Piano and Keyboard Note Chart, Use Behind the Keys, Ideal Visual Tool for Beginners Learning Piano or Keyboard, Easy to Set Up, for any Medium to Full Size Piano or Keyboard, Cover Four Octaves



  • Easy to install 
  • The chart sits behind the keys and won’t interfere with playing
  • No glue or adhesive is needed 
  • Covers 4 octaves worth of notes 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Works on almost any piano or keyboard 


The piano and keyboard note chart is the easiest of piano note labels to install. The 4-octave chart stands up between the back of the keyboard and the back of the black notes. You won’t feel any sticker or label under your fingers because there isn’t one! 

The chart is easy to read and bridges the gap between piano key and sheet music.


  • Easy to install 
  • Does not use any adhesive 
  • It fits almost piano or keyboard 
  • Easy to remove when you don’t need it


  • Chart sits behind the keys rather than on top of them 
  • It may be harder to see when looking at your fingers 
  • It only covers 4 octaves worth of keys 
  • It isn’t laminated, so it can’t be cleaned 

Criteria for Choosing the 6 Best Labels and Stickers for Piano Keys 

You might be surprised to learn that not all piano key labels are created equal. Ideally, piano keyboard stickers are a tool to help you learn faster without getting in the way of good playing technique and without permanently damaging your keys. So, whether you are playing a piano or a keyboard, piano stickers can help you learn more quickly. Here are the criteria we used to determine the best labels and stickers for your piano or keyboard. 

Material and Durability 

Cheaper stickers are often made of paper with extra sticky adhesive. The problem with these is that they don’t hold up to the rigors of practicing, sweaty hands, and you can’t remove them easily when you are done with them. They leave a permanent, sticky glue behind on your piano keys. 

Newer, better-quality piano labels are made of clear, double-layered vinyl. This style of sticker makes the notes easier to read. It also makes the stickers softer to the touch, so you won’t have that sticker edge feel to them. In addition, rounded corners prevent the edges from lifting up, and better-quality adhesive won’t damage your piano or keyboard keys. 

Movable and Removable 

A good keyboard label will be movable and removable. With so many labels, it's easy to make a mistake when first applying the labels. And it is easy to accidentally put them on crooked, too. So a sticker that is easy to take off and reapply is important because it’s so easy to make a mistake. 

On the other hand, you won’t need the labels forever. At some point, you’ll want to start removing stickers. At first, you’ll probably just remove a few from each octave. Once you get comfortable with that, then you’ll remove a few more. And finally, you’ll take away the rest. So you want your stickers to be easy to remove when it is time to take them off. 

This way, they won’t damage the keys or leave behind sticker residue. Although you can use an adhesive remover to take the sticker off, this too could damage your keys, especially if they are older piano keys. Also, choose the removable type to be safe. 

Colorful and Easy to Read 

Stickers need to be quick and easy to read. Otherwise, you’ll spend too much time figuring out what it says and not enough time learning to play. Bold lettering will help you learn more easily, but color codes can also help you understand how music works. 

Some keyboard labels will color-code all of the same notes so that all of the A’s are one color, all of the B’s another color, and so on. This helps you recognize patterns and note combinations more quickly. 

Stickers can be attention-getting as well, to help keep little learners interested for longer. Stickers with pictures, bright colors, or shaped like animals can help make learning more fun and enjoyable. 

Number of Stickers 

You might want to consider how many stickers are included with your package. For example, some stickers only come with 36 notes. Others come with a full 88 notes. 

If you have a full-size 88-note keyboard or piano, you might prefer to have stickers for all 88 notes. On the other hand, note stickers are generally for beginners, and beginners typically only play 2 or 3 octaves in the middle of the piano. 

So while covering all 88 notes is ideal, even 36 notes are probably enough. Since most notes also include a picture of the note on the staff, you can’t just purchase extra sets unless you cut the staff off of the stickers that don’t match. 

More importantly, perhaps, is whether or not the keyboard stickers include the black notes. Some stickers, especially for younger beginners, only have the white notes, but it is just as important to learn the black keys, as well. 

Includes the Music Staff 

It’s even more helpful if the keyboard labels include the music staff that represents that note and not just the letter name. This way, you can associate the note on the keyboard with the note you see on the page. In the beginning, you’ll need to think about the connection, but over time, it will become second nature. The more you see it, the easier it will be to remember it. 

Easy-Find Middle C 

Middle C is the C that is located in the center of the piano or keyboard that has 88 notes. Smaller keyboards are typically the same, but they might look slightly different, too. Some labels have a special circle, shape, or color to denote middle C. As a result, it will be easier to find middle C, which is really important for beginners who are just learning where to put their hands. 

Cleaning Cloth and Accessories 

It’s important to be able to wipe off your keyboard labels, especially if your hands sweat or if you accidentally played the piano with messy hands. Some keyboard labels will include a cleaning cloth meant specifically for the stickers; it will be gentle but effective so you can clean your stickers without ruining them. (Find out more about cleaning your keyboard here.)

Your stickers should also come with an installation guide to help you put them on the correct keys. They may also come with a stick to help you position them correctly. 

Sticker Thickness 

Stickers need to be thick enough to be durable but thin enough that they don’t get in the way of your playing. Many of the labels on this list are made of durable, double-layered vinyl. This makes them sturdy, so they’ll hold up to hours of playing, but also smooth, so you don’t feel the edges when you play. 

Integration with Piano Books 

It is even better when your stickers integrate with your lesson books. Sometimes, you will find lesson books that coordinate the sticker colors with sheet music, which gives you one more learning advantage.


Piano stickers by themselves are a relatively inexpensive tool for the amount of learning assistance that they offer. Certainly, if budget is an issue, you could go with the cheaper stickers on this list, and you would be fine. But for the extra quality, more expensive stickers might just be worth it. 

Our Pick for the Best Labels and Stickers for Piano Keys 100-200

As beginner students, whether young or old, we all need to be reminded not to take ourselves too seriously. Instead, learning piano should be fun and enjoyable, even when we try hard things or make mistakes. And for this reason, we love the Crosby Monster Piano Stickers

The Crosby Monster Piano Stickers are brightly colored, and there are enough stickers to cover a full 88-key keyboard. In addition, they include a few extra stickers in case something happens. The stickers are durable vinyl, and they are also smooth and soft under your fingers. Crosby includes an installation guide to help you put the stickers in the right place, but they also have an installation video that you can watch here. 

The silly letters are accompanied by the note on the staff with a typeset letter name, so you won’t mistake the letter for something else. And the sticker designs repeat, so all of the same letters have the same look to help you recognize music patterns. The very top of the sticker denotes # and b signs, so you’ll know what the black keys are, as well. When you’re done with the stickers, you can easily remove them without leaving any residue behind so you aren’t stuck with the wrong thing. 

We think these piano keyboard labels are fun and enticing for children and fun-loving adults. 

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If anyone knows a thing or two about pianos, it's Leslie. Having played piano for the past 25 years and teaching for the past 15 years, she has vast experience compared to most. She loves to share her honest opinions about the brands and manufacturers in the industry. In her free time, Leslie loves to play with her dogs and go on hikes.

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