Best Keyboard Stands for 2024 - Sturdy and Portable

Written by: Zach Wright

Surprisingly, most new keyboards don’t come with a keyboard stand. You could technically set your keyboard on your desk or even your kitchen table, but that wouldn’t be ideal because they aren’t the right height, and they aren’t very portable, either. So if you have a keyboard, you really need a dedicated keyboard stand to keep your keyboard safe and make it functional to play.

If you are looking for a stand for your keyboard, you’ll want to consider a number of factors such as the size of your keyboard, whether it needs to be portable or not, how sturdy and durable it is, and how much legroom it offers, too. All of these features need to fit your budget, as well. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 6 keyboard stands and give you the criteria you need for choosing one. We’ll also give you our pick for our favorite keyboard stand. But first, let’s look at the top 6 keyboard stands and what’s good and bad about them. 

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Best Keyboard Stands Reviewed

GLEAM Keyboard Stand – Best Keyboard Stand for Moving Around on Stage

GLEAM Keyboard Stand - Z Style Adjustable Heavy Duty Piano Stand with Wheels (Fits 54-88 Key Electric Pianos)



  • This is a Z-style stand with metal construction
  • It is height adjustable from 25 inches to 36 inches 
  • The width is also adjustable from 23 inches to 37 inches and holds keyboards from 54 to 88 keys 
  • Stand includes four wheels with locking brakes to keep the stand from moving
  • Holds up to 150-pound keyboard


The Gleam Keyboard stand is a sturdy, Z-style stand that can hold up to 150 pounds of keyboard! It includes four wheels with brakes so you can easily move your keyboard around the stage, then lock the brakes in place to keep it from rolling away. 

An EVA sponge will protect your keyboard from the stand, and a lock keeps the entire stand from coming apart when you don’t want it to. Extra straps can provide additional security to keep the keyboard in place. This keyboard stand is excellent if you need to move it around the stage between sets or roll it on and off stage quickly and easily. 


  • Sturdy enough to hold heavy keyboards 
  • Easy to move and set up 
  • Has added straps for extra security
  • Easy to move around stage with wheels 


  • Isn’t the easiest to fold down

World Tour Single X Keyboard Stand – Best Budget Keyboard Stand

World Tour Single X Keyboard Stand



  • Comes at a very affordable price point
  • This is an X-style keyboard stand 
  • Can hold up 49, 61, 76, and 88 key keyboards 
  • It has a maximum weight of 130 pounds 
  • Made of heavy-duty 1” steel construction for sturdiness
  • Uses a center clutch height adjustment system to change widths and height to lock them into place
  • This stand folds down quickly and easily. 


The World Tour Single X Keyboard Stand is a budget-friendly stand that can accommodate a variety of sizes and keyboards that weigh up to 130 pounds. This heavy-duty-steel constructed keyboard folds down completely for easy portability or storage. The height adjustment of this stand can range from seated to standing positions between 25.25 inches to 38.75 inches high. 


  • The stand folds down completely and very quickly with a single locking joint
  • Very budget-friendly 
  • It holds a surprisingly high amount of weight for the type of stand 


  • This stand may need additional rubber stoppers for support to keep the keyboard secure 
  • Changing the height of the keyboard also changes the width. Smaller keyboards may require a standing position. 
  • Not as sturdy as other types of keyboard stands

RockJam Adjustable Keyboard Stand – Easiest Keyboard Stand to Use

RockJam Adjustable Keyboard Stand with Locking Straps & Quick Release Mechanism



  • Double X-style keyboard stand 
  • Many height adjustments 
  • Rated up to 45 pounds
  • Easy to fold and store


This is a double X style keyboard stand with many different height adjustments. The locking screw in the middle of the stand allows it to close quickly and efficiently but stays locked safely in place while you’re using it. It’s rated for up to 45 pounds, so most typical keyboards should work fine. The keyboard stand arrives fully assembled and is easy to use and transport. 


  • Easy to use and no assembly required.
  • Closes quickly and easily for transport or storage 
  • Made of steel for a sturdy construction 
  • Reasonably priced 


  • Only rated for up to 45 pounds so it probably won’t work for digital pianos

K&M - Konig & Meyer Table Style Keyboard Stand – Best Keyboard Stand for Heavy-Handed Players

K&M Folds Flat Portable-Fits Piano and Electric Adult and Youth Musicians Konig & Meyer 18810.015.76 Table Style Keyboard Stand Omega-Sturdy Height Adjustable Frame 55



  • Table style keyboard stand provides sturdy support for both sitting or standing playing positions 
  • This stand folds flat for transport and storage
  • It has plenty of legroom underneath for your piano bench or pedals. 
  • The height is adjustable from 23.5 inches to 40 inches. 
  • Includes four Velcro straps to anchor the keyboard to the stand for extra stability 
  • It can be converted to a 2 or 3 tier keyboard stand with added accessories. 


The K&M Table Style Keyboard stand is a sturdy stand great for pianists who love to play sitting down. It’s also great for those players that play exceptionally hard and fast! This stand folds flat for easy transport but also offers lots of legroom where you need it. The included Velcro straps will add security to the keyboard so it won’t get knocked off accidentally.


  • Sturdy and balanced construction keeps the keyboard secure even when you are playing hard. 
  • Easily adjustable height and width accommodates a variety of keyboards and sitting or standing positions. 
  • Can add additional tiers for keyboards, iPads, laptops, or mixers. 


  • Expensive 

Ultimate Support AX-48 Pro Plus Two-tier Portable Column Keyboard Stand – Best Keyboard Stand for Multiple Keyboards

Ultimate Support AX-48 Pro Plus Two-tier Portable Column Keyboard Stand (Black), Boom Attachment, Ulti-Boom Pro-TB, and Tote



  • This is a column style keyboard stand which conserves floor space 
  • Can hold two keyboards up to 125 pounds per tier or 250 pounds total 
  • Weighs just 19 pounds
  • It folds into a sleek, easy to carry package for taking to gigs or storing away when not in use. 
  •  It has an additional boom mic stand on top 


The Ultimate Support AX-48 is an affordable two-tier column keyboard stand. This is a great stand if you have two hefty keyboards that you need to play together because it can hold up to 250 combined pounds. The stand itself weighs only 19 pounds and folds into a sleek package that you can easily carry with you. The top of the stand features a boom mic stand for singing. 


  • It folds up into a sleek package which is easy to carry and store 
  • Holds multiple heavy keyboards with a sleek footprint


  • This keyboard stand is a bit heavy compared to other types of stands. 
  • Locking mechanisms can be difficult to use correctly. You need to be sure you have it in place to keep people and your keyboards secure.
  • This keyboard is expensive. 
  • The mic stand prevents you from having room for music over the keyboards. 

Donner Folding Keyboard Stand – Best All-Around Keyboard Stand

Donner Folding Keyboard Stand, Z-style Heavy-Duty Portable Piano Stand, Adjustable and Collapsible, Suitable for 37 54 61 88 Key MIDI Keyboard Electronic Keyboards Digital Pianos, DKS-100



  • Holds up to 110 pounds of keyboard 
  • This Z-style keyboard stand folds completely flat for portability or storage. 
  •  Easy to carry. 
  • Adjusts from 21.3 to 35 inches wide to accommodate different sizes of keyboard. 
  •  Adjusts from 22.2 to 34 inches in height for sitting or standing


The Donner Folding Keyboard Stand is a Z-style keyboard stand with folding legs. It uses three frames and five knobs for secure assembly, making it quick to set up and quick to tear down. Both the width and height are easily adjustable to go from standing to sitting and to accommodate different widths of keyboards. In addition, it can hold up to 110 pounds, making it extremely sturdy for its size. 


  • Holds up to 110 pounds 
  • Easily adjustable 
  • Easy to carry 


  • Not as easy to set up and take down as X-style keyboard stands 

Criteria for Choosing the 6 Best Keyboard Stands 

Keyboard Size and Weight 

An average keyboard weighs anywhere from 20 pounds to 100 pounds, depending on the size and type of keyboard. For example, a keyboard with 49 or 61 semi-weighted synth-action keys will weigh much less than an 88 key, fully-weighted graded hammer standard digital piano. So when choosing your keyboard stand, you need to be absolutely certain that it can hold the weight of your keyboard, whether it is a standard keyboard or a digital piano.

If your stand isn’t made to hold the weight of the keyboard you are using it for, the stand could collapse or fall, injuring someone or breaking the keyboard. So it’s important enough to make sure you have a stand that will do the job even if you have to spend extra money for a sturdier stand. 

Portable or Not 

Most keyboard stands are made to be portable, but some are not. Some keyboard stands are large, like furniture, and will take up permanent residence in your living room (or wherever you put it). If you are going to be taking your keyboard on the road, you’ll want to make sure you purchase a portable keyboard. You’ll probably want one that folds down, as well, so you can fit it into your vehicle or gig bag easily. 

Adjustable Height and Width 

Some keyboard companies make keyboard stands for specific keyboards. For example, Yamaha makes a keyboard stand that is meant to go with a few of their particular keyboards. But, unfortunately, it isn’t adjustable to make it fit other keyboards. 

You may want to look at an adjustable universal stand. Certain keyboards will have adjustable heights, so you can decide if you want to play sitting or standing or find a comfortable height for you. You need to be able to sit with your shoulders relaxed while your hands are on the keyboard. 

You may also want to have a keyboard with adjustable widths, especially if you will be using it for more than one keyboard. That way, you can adjust it to fit wider or shorter keyboards in case you want to use an 88-key keyboard one day and a 61 key another time. 


You might not think about how much legroom you need under your keyboard. If you tend to play sitting down, you’ll want to be able to tuck your legs underneath the keyboard. If you play standing up, you want to be sure you can stand comfortably without tripping over the feet of the keyboard stand. You also may need to be able to reach under the keyboard to use the foot pedals. 

You also may want to consider if you’ll be standing or using a bench. For example, if you are using a keyboard or piano bench to play, you’ll need more legroom than if you were standing.

How Difficult Is the Keyboard Stand to Open and Close 

Another thing you may want to consider, especially if you will be moving your keyboard and stand around a lot, is how easy is the stand to set up and take down for gigs. Are there a lot of pieces to fiddle with? Do you need tools to take it apart and put it back together each time? Or is there a simple locking mechanism that opens and closes the stand? 

How Many Keyboards Can It Hold? 

Some keyboard stands are meant to hold multiple keyboards, while others can only hold one. You may want to consider how many keyboards you’ll be using at a time. If you need two keyboards, will you use a stand that is meant to hold two keyboards, or will you use an adaptor that can add a stand to almost any keyboard?


Price is always a consideration when purchasing equipment. You need to know what price range you can afford. You’ll want to find a stand that fits your budget, but that is still sturdy enough to keep you and your keyboard safe. 

What Style of Keyboard Stand Do You Need? 

There are several different types of stands which may fit your needs. Some are more expensive, while others are sturdier. It all depends on the style that you need for your application. 

Single X Stand. These stands typically look like a single X. They fold down quickly and easily and are pretty inexpensive. On the downside, most of them can only hold up to about 30 pounds, so you’ll need to use them for a smaller, lightweight keyboard. 

Double X Stand. A double X stand is similar to a single x, but it is made of two sets of cross pieces. They are definitely stronger and more stable and may go up to 40 pounds. The challenge with both types of X stands is that they can bounce when you place the upper and lower register. Some Double X stands have a second-tier or an optional second-tier to add a keyboard, but these typically aren’t that sturdy. 

Z Stand or Zed stand. A Z stand looks like 2 Zs side by side with bars in between. These are some of the sturdiest stands available. They are usually easy to adjust the width, and you can add a second tier to put a smaller keyboard over the top. 

Tabletop stand. A tabletop keyboard stand is also very sturdy and is great for players who play hard or who enjoy sitting while they play. This type of stand looks like the body of a card table but without the tabletop. These are usually easy to adjust the height and width. 

Column Style stand. This type of stand is generally the most expensive. However, they can be made to hold several keyboards and give you plenty of legroom. 

Our Pick for the Best Keyboard Stand 

Keyboard stands need to be sturdy, dependable, and easy to use. You need one that can adjust to the height and width you need, keep you and your keyboard safe from falls, and blend seamlessly into the background while you make music. 

We love the Donner folding keyboard stand for all of these reasons. First of all, it is a Z-style stand, which is one of the sturdiest types of stand construction. The Y-style feet give you extra legroom, though, so you’ll have plenty of room to move around your keyboard without getting tripped up. 

The Donner keyboard is sturdy enough for home and gig use, so you can keep it in your living room or take it with you. This is great for musicians who use their keyboards for both practice and gigs. 

The only drawback is that this keyboard takes just a little bit more effort to set up and take down than a standard X-style keyboard stand. But it is well worth it for the extra security and sturdiness that this type of stand can offer. 

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