Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $1,000 in 2024

Written by: Zander Brooks

If you need a drum set that won't disturb your roommates, family, or neighbors, an electronic set might be the perfect solution. Electric drums emit the sound of a high-quality traditional drum through speakers, headphones, or via computer software. They allow you to play the drums—but quietly—and allow for crystal-clear recordings. Most of these options are also cheaper than normal drum sets.

Today, we'll take a closer look at the best electronic drum sets under $1,000 in 2024. We'll explore kit features, specifications, and a host of other important information about each product. We'll also provide you with some tips and tricks that will help you access the best drum set for your playing style.

Quick glance at the best electronic drum sets under $1000:


Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $1,000 Reviewed

Alesis Command Mesh Electronic Drum Set - Best Overall

Alesis Drums Command Mesh Kit - Electric Drum Set with USB MIDI Connectivity, 600+ Electronic & Acoustic Drum Kit Sounds and Dual Zone Mesh Pads


Key Features

  • In-built sequencer and recording capabilities
  • Over 600 sounds, multiple audio interfaces, and 60 play along with songs
  • Complete eight-piece kit—including kick pedals

Key Specifications

  • Frame: four-post
  • Dimension: 27.6 x 47.3 x 43.3 inches
  • Weight: 50.7 lbs. (23 kg.)

The Alesis Command Mesh electronic drum set is one of the most comprehensive drum kits on the market. This specific kit is designed to provide the same responsiveness as a traditional drum set, so it's an excellent choice for those who are transitioning from a standard drum set. Everything from the snare pad to the kick pedal feels like traditional drum components.

All in all, this is an eight-piece set, which includes three dual-zone tom pads, three cymbal pads, a kick drum tower, and kick drum pedals. Many of the other options on our list don't include kick pedals—this product helps you avoid purchasing any additional materials.

You'll also benefit from an internal sequencer that allows you to record music and import songs to play along to. This kit comes ready to play. It ships with drumsticks, connection cables, a power supply, a drum key, a chrome rack, and more.

You can customize the different snares and pads to mimic over 600 different songs, which gives you an extensive number of choices. Not only do you receive the electronic drum set bundle, but you'll also receive 60 play-along tracks that help you hone your skills on other popular songs.

ZHRUNS Electronic Drum Kit - Most Portable

ZHRUNS Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Head 8 Piece, Drums Mesh Kit with Iron Metal Assemble Rack and Drum Throne, 300 Sounds 30 Play Along Tracks,Custom Sample Loading and USB/MIDI Connectivity


Key Features

  • With Mesh Head 8 Piece
  • Drums Mesh Kit with Iron Metal
  • 300 Sounds 30 Play long Tracks

Key Specifications

  • Frame: three post
  • Dimension: 19.1 x 15.6 x 25.8 inches
  • Weight: 37.2 lbs. (16.9 kg.)

This ZHRUNS Electronic Drum Kit portable electronic drum kit is built with portability in mind. The entire system can fold up for easy transportation between gigs or recording studios, and weighing under 40 pounds, that’s easy to do.

It comes packed with eight different pads, including kicks, toms, snares, hi-hats, and cymbals. Each pad comes with a well-designed surface that provides a real-life playing texture. While most of the core components of the drum set are included, you will need to purchase your own kicker, studio monitors, and studio headphones.

You can record your songs using the drum module, as well as take tutorials, introduce additional sounds, and more.

Roland, the producer of the kit, is one of the electronic instrument industry's most recognized companies. One of the only downsides to this product is that it was originally released in 2012. Fortunately, as an industry leader, Roland was able to include modern features that still provide world-class performance in 2024.

Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Set

Yamaha DTX522K Customizable Electronic Drum Kit with 3-Zone Textured Silicone Snare Pad


Key Features

  • 600 sounds and 50 drum settings
  • iOS app for the drum module
  • Three-zone system

Key Specifications

  • Frame: four post
  • Dimension: 5.1 x 18.9 x 9.9 inches
  • Weight: 11.02 lbs. (5 kg.)

If you're looking for the best electronic drum set under $1,000, this model is one of your top options. Yamaha is one of the world's leading producers of instruments and electrical equipment. It’s no surprise, then, that they have also produced one of the industry's most popular products—the Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum set.

This particular set is an eight-piece model that is spread across three zones. The snares are built using a textured silicone that offers a unique feel, similar to a traditional drum set. The drum module includes over 690 sounds and 50 different drum sets that are applicable to a variety of drum genres.

One of the core benefits of this drum set is that its drum module can be connected to an iOS app. Within the app, you can record songs, import songs, view audio interfaces, and perform a range of other customizations that improve the functionality of this drum set. Additionally, at just over 10 pounds, it's one of the lightest products on our list.

The only downside to this excellent system is that you won't receive a kick pedal.

Roland V-Compact Series TD-17KL-S

Roland TD-17KL-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit


Key Features

  • Five-piece set with the option to add additional snares and cymbals
  • Excellent tools for learning drums and tracking progress
  • Feels like an acoustic set

Key Specifications

  • Frame: four post
  • Dimension: 43.4 x 51.2 x 47.2 inches
  • Weight: 53 lbs. (24.04 kg.)

The Roland V-Compact Series TD-17KL-S is built to mimic an acoustic drum set. It provides features for stick coordination and hand control that can help users transition back and forth between electronic and acoustic sets. It's an excellent product if you're looking for a quiet drum kit to practice with at home.

This product comes with a sound module, tom drum, snare drum, hi-hat drum, crash cymbal, ride, kick drum (bass drum), and drum stand. You can also purchase additional snare or crash cymbals separately.

If you're a beginner, or you're hoping to improve your drumming, this product offers a built-in coaching function that helps you learn as you play. It can even track your progress and provide you with tutorials or tips on how to take your drumming to the next level. You can record yourself playing and access it from a computer or phone.

The only downside to this product is that it's one of the most expensive options on our list. It just barely sneaks in as a top-rated electronic drum set under $1,000.

Roland V TD-1DMK

Roland TD-1DMK Dual-Mesh Kit Entry-Level V-Drums Set


Key Features

  • Impressive 256 notes of polyphony
  • Low noise emission
  • Excellent sound engine

Key Specifications

  • Frame: four post
  • Dimension: 34.5 x 19.7 x 15.9 inches
  • Weight: 53.7 lbs. (23.36 kg.)

The Roland V TD-1DMK is another popular electronic drum kit manufactured by Japanese electric instrument manufacturer Roland. If you're looking for a digital drum with a strong sound engine and natural feel, this is one of the best products on the market. It offers smooth percussion sounds for under $1,000.

In this set, you'll find a kick drum, snare drum, tom pad, crash drum, ride, hi-hat, drum stand, and a host of additional useful components. You won't need a separate hi-hat stand, as stands are already built-in for all components of the electronic drum set bundle—there's also a built-in metronome.

This is a useful drum kit if you're serious about keeping things quiet in your home or studio. The dual-ply mesh used to construct the pads ensures you won't make too much noise when you use this kit.

Unfortunately, you will need to buy your own kick pedal and drum monitor. If you're planning on using it straight away, make sure to order a separate kick pedal. Additionally, while 15 drum audio packages are plenty to choose from, some of the other sets on our list include way more options.

Yamaha DTX562K

Yamaha DTX532K Electronic Drum Set


Key Features

  • Realistic hi-hat and kicker
  • Over 690 unique sounds for drum heads
  • High-end internal sound module

Key Specifications

  • Frame: five post
  • Dimension: 12 x 17 x 48 inches
  • Weight: 41.7 lbs. (18.91 kg.)

The Yamaha DTX562K is one of the most professional electronic drum kits on our list. Not only is this a well-designed and easy-to-use option, but it also includes a range of internal components that can help you offer more accurate sounds and recordings. The software built into this particular kit allows for precise playing that can help you achieve anything from a smooth snare roll to a realistic bass drum sound.

This system comes packed with a three-zone snare pad, DTX502 module, KP65 kick pad, ride cymbals, crash cymbals, and a hi-hat cymbal. Considering you can program it to emit up to 691 different drum sounds, the possibilities are endless with this kit. You'll even find supernatural sounds packed into the sound module.

Another core benefit of this system is the authentic hi-hat and kicker. Unlike the other drum kits on our list, this gives you a completely realistic hi-hat feeling. It's also completely adjustable to your height and preferences.

LYXJAM Electronic Drum Kit - Great Value

LyxJam 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit, Professional Drum Set with Real Mesh Fabric, 448 Preloaded Sounds, 70 Songs, 15-Song Recording Capacity, Choke,Rim,Edge Capability & Kick Pad, Drum Sticks Included


Key Features

  • Built-in drum couch with 30 songs
  • Over 180 different sounds
  • An extremely affordable price point

Key Specifications

  • Frame: four post
  • Dimension: 31 x 19 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 43.2 lbs. (19.59 kg.)

If you're looking for a reliable 8-piece electronic drum set under $1,000, this kit is one of your best options. In fact, the LyxJam 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit is one of the most affordable products on our list. Considering your get eight high-end drum pieces and a range of custom digital sounds, this is a bargain.

This kit includes a bass drum pad, a snare drum pad, a tom pad, a hi-hat pad, a crash pad, a ride pad, a foot pedal, and a bass drum pedal, amongst other components.

As with most electronic drums, the module in this kit allows you to access a broad range of custom percussion sounds. You can set it to 20 different drum modes and enjoy over 180 percussion and cymbal sounds. Additionally, you can play along with pre-set songs and take advantage of built-in tutorials.

While you won't find as many advanced features as you find with other products on our list, it's hard to ignore the price of this set.

Yamaha DTX432K

Yamaha Electronic Drum Set (DTX432K)


Key Features

  • Android and iOS app
  • Samples real drum noises
  • Excellent apps for recording and controlling the kit

Key Specifications

  • Frame: four post
  • Dimension: 39 x 30 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 62.8 lbs. (28.49 kg.)

The Yamaha DTX432K is another world-class electronic drum set produced by one of Japan's most notable musical instruments producers. The sound module includes ten drum kits, ten songs, and over 400 unique drum sounds. This eight-piece set has all the drum components you need to mimic a traditional kit.

The iOS and Android apps allow you to record songs, explore the module, and perform a variety of other custom tasks.

If you're looking for an electronic drum set that produces traditional drum noises, this is one of your best options. Many of the drum sound samples have been sourced from real-life drums, which makes the experience even more authentic than other digital drum products.

If you're a beginner, this is also an excellent kit. Its internal module comes packed with tutorials and other instructional material that can help you develop speed, rhythm, and other core drumming skills.

Alesis Eight-Piece

No products found.

No products found.

Key Features

  • Recording friendly with a USB MIDI connection
  • Over 380 sounds and 60 play along with songs
  • Comes with everything you need to get started—sticks, pedals, and more

Key Specifications

  • Frame: four post
  • Dimension: 27 x 39.5 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 50 lbs. (22.68 kg.)

The Alesis Eight-Piece electronic drum kit is excellent if you're looking for a large, well-designed set that benefits from a strong core module. This is one of the most sound-focused kits on the market, which is why we deem it one of the best electronic drum sets under $1,000.

These drums sound excellent—you'll benefit from a sound emission system that mimics real-life drum and snare noises. The sound module provides access to over 380 sounds, 40 pre-set kits, and 60 play-along songs.

It comes with everything you need to get started on day one. You'll have access to all the drum pads, as well as a power supply, drumsticks, and connection cables.

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit | Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads | 40 Kits, 385 Sounds, 60 Play-Along Tracks | USB/MIDI Connectivity & Zildjian 5B Nylon Black Drumsticks


Key Features

  • Includes a ton of extras
  • Strong recording system—headphones and SD card included
  • Over 150 sounds and over 33 pre-set drum kits

Key Specifications

  • Frame: four post with additional floor support bar
  • Dimension: 34 x 24 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 57.4 lbs. (26.03 kg.)

The Alesis Surge Mesh Kit is an advanced kit that offers realistic pad textures, over 150 sounds, 33 pre-set kits, and an excellent recording platform. It's an extremely easy-to-use set, despite the number of advanced features that come included.

As with most drum kits on this list, the system includes snares, crash cymbals, tom pads, ride cymbals, and hi-hat pads. There are even three extra ports available if you want to add your own additional pads. Unlike other kits on our list, this system also comes with advanced headphones that help you tune into your recordings in real-time.

There's also an SD card slot that allows you to record your favorite tracks. You'll get a free 16GB SD card if you opt to purchase the Ddrum DD BETA PRO.

What To Consider When Looking At The Best Electronic Drum Set Under $1,000

an electric drum set in a room near the window

Whether you're looking for a 6-piece electronic drum set under $1,000 or an eight-piece set, you need to buy the best kit for your needs. If you want to buy a new electronic kit, it's essential to consider a few core components. Let's explore them in more detail below.

Number of Pieces and Design

The number of pieces available in your kit will determine the sounds you can create and the outline of the drum set. If you want to mimic the snare and drum locations of a traditional kit, you will need an electronic kit that has the same number of components.

As each individual piece can have multiple sounds, the design is also important. The more snares, drums, and other components inside of your drum set, the more variation you will have.

Fortunately, many of the electronic drum sets on our list have a range of unique features and components. You can also access digital drum kit pieces sold separately. The industry has a range of options, including zone toms, zone snares, snare toms, floor toms, double pedals, bass drum pedals, ride cymbal pads, drum thrones, and more.


The problem with many 'fake' drum sets is that they don't feel the same as a real drum kit. If you're someone who wants to practice at home, but you use a traditional drum set when you play in a group, you might want to consider a drum set that mimics the same resistance as a traditional kit. Fortunately, many modern electronic kits are now designed to provide a 'real-life' feel.

Extra Features

Outside of the kit design and core features, you should also be considering the extra components included in the package. For example, does your kit come with hundreds of sounds and free play-along songs? Can you record music directly using your kit?

Many electronic sets come packed to the brim with extra features that help you get the most out of your purchase.

What Quality of Sound Can You Expect from a $1,000 Electronic Drum Set?

While electronic sets have traditionally been costly, their prevalence in the market in recent years has helped drop the price of accessing a world-class system. This means that you can expect high sound quality from a system under $1,000.

This isn't to say that there aren't also plenty of high-end drum sets out there that offer additional settings, though, just that the sound quality between price brackets is now virtually the same.

What is the Expected Life Span of a Drum Set That Costs Around $1,000?

an electric drum set in a room

If you're planning on investing around $1,000 in a drum set, you might be concerned about its lifespan. You’ll be happy to know that the lifespans of modern electronic kits are extremely promising.

You should expect to get no less than ten years of premium performance out of your system. Many of the drum kits on this list can last much longer. With traditional drum sets, you will often need to replace drum skins regularly, which can significantly increase the cost of owning a kit. Rubber pads do not need to be replaced as much as traditional skins. In most cases, an electronic kit will require less repair and less maintenance.

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