Best Drum Practice Pad - All the Benefits with Less Noise

Written by: Zander Brooks

Practicing the drums is a necessary part of becoming a great drummer. But what are you going to do when other people need it quiet when you need to practice? Electronic drums are a great solution to this problem but they're expensive, so they may not be an option for you. 

Enter the drum practice pad. Drum practice pads are small, portable, and quiet. The surface of the pad is created to mimic the surface of a drumhead, so you get as realistic a feeling as possible when you play. 

There are plenty of different types of drum practice pads on the market. However, it can be a little difficult to choose which one is best for you, so we put together a list to help you decide. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best seven drum practice pads. We’ll take a look at their features and benefits and tell you all the criteria we used to select them. Let’s get started. 

Quick glance at the best drum practice pads:


Best 7 Drum Practice Pads Reviewed 

Ahead Practice Pad – Most Portable Drum Practice Pad

Ahead Practice Pad (AHWCP)



  • 2-inch sticking width creates a small, focused drum surface 
  • Works well for all ability levels from beginner to professional
  • This drum pad is extremely small and portable 
  • The small surface area of the head helps with mastering stick position and accuracy 


The Ahead Practice Pad is one of the tiniest practice drum pads on the market. It’s small enough to toss in your drum bag or even your pocket so you can take it pretty much everywhere you go! However, this little pad reaps big benefits by helping you master accuracy, speed, and stick position. By practicing on such a small pad, you’ll be able to consistently hit the center of the drum with more speed and accuracy when you switch over to an actual drum set. 


  • This pad is extremely small and portable 
  • It works great for all skill levels 
  • Features a tiny, two 2-inch sticking width to improve accuracy


  • Because of its small size, it slides around easily on the table

RealFeel by Evans Practice Pad – Most Realistic Rebound in a Practice Drum Pad 

RealFeel by Evans Practice Pad, 6 Inch with Drum Sticks, Pair



  • 6" single-sided pad 
  • Gum rubber surface provides a realistic rebound feel
  • It is also available in 2-sided, 7-inch, and 12-inch models 
  • Works well for all skill levels 
  • Made in the USA 


The RealFeel by Evans practice pad was made for use by all skill levels. It features a quiet gum rubber surface that provides a very realistic rebound feel without all the noise. This drum pad offers a feeling that’s about as close to a real drumhead as you can get. Additionally, there’s a size to meet all your needs as it is available in 6, 7, and twelve-inch sizes. 


  • This pad provides a realistic feel with gum rubber materials 
  • Great for all levels to practice rebound technique 
  • This drum practice pad is very quiet


  • It does not fit in a standard drum stand 

The Drumeo P4 Practice Pad – Best Practice Drum Pad for Transitioning to a Drum Set 

The Drumeo P4 Practice Pad - Four Different Playing Surfaces



  • The Drumeo P4 features 4 unique playing surfaces on one head
  • It helps you feel like you are moving around on a drum set by playing on different parts of the drum pad
  • This pad helps you to develop control, speed, and accuracy in your playing
  • It simulates a snare-like pad, high tom, floor tom, and a ride cymbal to help you learn to rebound on different surfaces and prepare for playing on a full drum set


The Drumeo P4 Practice pad will help you work on the skills you need to transition to a full-size drum set. With four unique playing surfaces, you’ll learn to rebound on different drum heads as well as get the feel of moving from one space to another. You’ll also develop accuracy and control as you play in the various small areas of the practice pad. 


  • This pad provides four different surfaces to practice on 
  • It helps you transition to a complete drum set without taking up the floor space of a full set


  • The playing surfaces are very small when compared to an actual drum set 

Remo RT-0008-SN 8" Practice Pad Silentstroke Head – Best Budget-Priced Practice Drum Pad

Remo RT-0008-SN 8' Practice Pad Silentstroke Head, Black




  • This is an 8-inch diameter drum pad
  • It is very budget-friendly, which is helpful for beginners or anyone on a tight budget
  • It can be played at low volume
  • This drum practice pad can be mounted on a stand or used on a table with its built-in rubber grip 


The Silentstroke Practice Pad is one of the quietest pads you can find. It has a great feel and rebound but it still manages to provide an 80% reduction in volume over a drum set. It can be mounted in a stand for upright practice, but the rubber bottom will keep it in place if you prefer tabletop use. Of course, one of the best features of this practice pad is its price. At such a low price, you may want to have several on hand to give yourself the feeling of practicing on a drum kit. 


  • This practice pad is budget-priced 
  • It can be mounted on a stand or used on a tabletop 


  • It has protruding edges that will affect how you hold your stick

DW DWSMPADMS Multi-Surface Pad – Best Dual-Sided Drum Practice Pad

DW DWSMPADMS Multi-Surface Pad



  • This practice pad has heads on both sides. 
  • It offers three surfaces: Soft rubber on one side and medium rubber with a smaller, hard surface on the other side 
  • It helps you to develop strength and work on rebound accuracy if you use both sides 


The DW Multi-surface pad offers you three different types of surfaces to practice on. One side is a soft rubber, which helps you develop muscle strength and memory. Flip it over, and on the other side there is a harder rubber surface which helps you develop your rebounding. Finally, it also has a very small hard section, which makes a ticking sound to represent hi-hat beats. You have lots of options when you choose the DW multi-surface pad. 


  • This practice pad offers lots of different surfaces to practice your different drumming techniques and styles
  • It is small and portable 


  • It does not mount onto a cymbal stand but can be used in a snare basket

Sabian Quiet Tone Mesh 10" Practice Pad – Quietest Drum Practice Pad

Sabian Quiet Tone Mesh 10' Practice Pad, Black, (QTM10)



  • The Sabian Quiet Tone Mesh Practice Pad Reduces sound over a drum set by 99%, making it extremely quiet. 
  • It is made with a triple-flanged metal hoop so you can practice rim shots or cross-sticking 
  • It features adjustable tensioning so you can set the head to imitate your favorite drumhead.
  • It also has non-slip rubber feet to keep it in place while you practice 


The Sabian Quiet Tone Mesh Practice Pad is one of the quietest practice pads on the market. It reduces sound by up to 99% while still providing an excellent feel and rebound, so you can practice confidently knowing you won’t be bothering anyone else. You can adjust the tension on the mesh head to suit your preferences, and the non-slip rubber feet keep it in place on the table. Best yet, the metal hoop means you can practice your rim shots and cross-sticking. 


  • This drum practice pad is extremely quiet 
  • The mesh head has a realistic feel 
  • It provides a great surface to work on your rebound technique


  • It won’t work on a typical drum stand. 

Drum Workshop Go Anywhere 5-Piece Set Practice Pad – Best Practice Drum Kit

Drum Workshop Go Anywhere 5-Piece Set Practice Pad (DWCPPADTS5)



  • Includes two8" pads for tom and cymbal, Two 10" pads for snare and floor tom, and one bass drum pad
  • Allows you to practice like a drum kit without taking up the size or volume of one 


The Drum Workshop Go Anywhere 5 Piece Set is an excellent set of pads to help mimic a complete drum kit. This kit is lightweight and easy to move and set up. You’ll be able to realistically practice as you would on an actual drum set but without all the volume. 


  • This set is lightweight 
  • It offers a natural feel and good rebound
  • It is easy to Setup 
  • This kit has a smaller footprint than a typical drumset, making it a good choice for small spaces


  • Not the quietest set of drum pads but still quieter than a drum 
  • A bass pedal is not included; you’ll need to provide your own 

Criteria for Choosing the Best 7 Drum Practice Pads 

If you are looking for a drum practice pad, you’ll need to take a few things into consideration, such as portability, ability level, and volume. If you’re not quite sure how a drum pad works, you can see some examples in this video to get you started. 


We all know a standard drum set can take up a lot of floor space in your home. Practice pads, on the other hand, are designed to be small and hidden away when not in use. You may want to find a practice pad that is roughly the same size as the drumhead you’ll be playing the most so that you develop good muscle memory. 

On the other hand, you may want an even smaller practice pad because it will take up much less room. Smaller drum pads will also help you develop better accuracy in your playing, as well. 

Typical drum pads may be between 4 inches in diameter and 14 inches in diameter. Of course, a larger surface is easier to practice on, but a smaller surface is easier to stash away when you aren’t using it. 


The weight of a drum pad is another thing to consider. If you’re going to be carrying your drum pad around with you, you don’t want one that’s heavy like an actual drum. But, on the other hand, a pad that is heavier won’t move around as much when you use it, while a lightweight pad might slip away as you are playing. 


Do you need your practice pad to be portable? If you are taking it with you often, you’ll want a drum pad that is small, lightweight, and easy to pack in a bag. Drum pads with feet can get tangled up on other things in your bag, so you may want one that is flat if you will be taking it in a backpack or bag. On the other hand, look for a drum pad that sits well on a table, so you don’t have to pack a snare stand as well. A flat rubber grip on the back side is easier to tote around than a pad with feet or that must be used in a drum stand. 


If you live with other people, the quieter your drum pad is, the better. This way, you can practice as much as you need to without disturbing others. Even a quiet drum pad can be a headache for the people you live with! 

Mesh drum practice pads may be the quietest on the market, followed by soft rubber pads which absorb energy. Hard plastic practice pads are probably the loudest, but they are still much quieter than an actual drum. 

Feel and Resistance

What kind of feel do you want for your drum pad? Do you want it to feel like you are playing on real drums? Do you want it to have bounce so you can work on your rebound and strokes, or do you want a soft surface that absorbs the hit, so you have to build muscle instead? Think about what kind of feeling and resistance you want your drum pad to have. 

Drum Pad Material 

Different surface materials will have different types of resistance and sound. For example, the drum pad could be made with a variety of plastic, rubber, and even wood which will change the sound and volume of your drum pad. Some pads even have imitation snares and are great for drum and bugle corps players. 

Rubber pads will be a bit bouncier than a hard plastic pad and are soft enough to practice at night while others are sleeping. The softer the rubber, the more sound it will absorb and the harder the rubber, the louder it will be. Pads with less bounce will help you work on your rebound and speed. 

Ability Level

Choose a pad that is in line with your skill level and ability. For example, a small rubber pad has enough dynamic response for beginners to learn the rudimentary basics. A more advanced student, however, may want to invest in a practice kit which is a set of practice pads arranged like an actual drum set. 

A lot of inexpensive practice pads are suitable for all ability levels, especially the pads on our list. You should be able to learn the rudiments of technique on your drum pad, as you can read about in this article.

Music Type 

Your music type might affect the kind of drum practice pad you are looking to purchase. For example, if you know you’ll be transitioning to a complete drum set, you may want to consider a set of pads that mimic the positioning of a real drum kit or at least a drumhead that offers multiple surfaces. On the other hand, if you will be making drum and bugle corps music, you’ll want to consider how that would best be represented by a simple drum pad. 

Price Points

Drum practice pads come in a wide range of prices. The cheapest is around $20, but professional practice pads can be $100 or more. But, of course, practice pads are much less expensive than an actual drum. 

Our Pick for the Best Drum Practice Pad 

Two of the most important features of a drum pad are how it feels and how it sounds. Both of these features are affected by what the drum pad is made from. If you’re purchasing a drum pad rather than a drum, you’re probably looking for it to be quiet yet still feel as realistic as possible. And that’s why we chose the Sabian Quiet Tone Mesh Practice Pad. 

The Sabian Practice Pad reduces sound by up to 99%, making for a very quiet drumming experience. Not only does the mesh head make it quiet, it also gives it a very realistic feel so you can practice as if it were a real drum head. But the best part of all is that it also looks like a real drum with the triple-flanged metal hoop mimicking an actual snare drum. The metal hoop means you can practice your rim shots and cross-sticking to your heart’s content. 

Don’t forget you can also adjust the tension to make it feel just right to you and it has non-slip rubber feet so you can play it on just about any surface. Although it won’t work in a typical drum stand, you can still play it just about anywhere, giving you lots of practice benefits at a very quiet level. 

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Zander has been playing drums for over 20 years. He is passionate about music and uses his years of experience to teach his students. While he is a full-time instructor, he is also working on growing a YouTube channel where he shares his insights. You can see him playing there, or on Instagram where he posts daily videos.

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